Technology Positive Ion Control

Positive Ion Control

Emits a fish-attracting field of positive ions around the cable. Your boat emits negative ions, which can detract fish from coming near. Positive ion control fights back by releasing a field of positive ions around the cable to bring the fish back where they belong: on your line.

This feature is based on the principle that applying a low voltage positive electrical field into the water where you’re fishing will attract fish and increase your chances to catch more fish. Since fish are attracted by a slight positive charge and repelled by a strong positive or negative charge, generating and controlling the correct charge can be critical to the success of your fishing. With Cannon’s® exclusive Positive Ion Control you can change the natural negative field created by the grounded electrical system of your boat to a positive field. More information on how fish respond to electricity can be found in “The Secrets of Fishing with Electricity” by Ollie Rode.